An Inverse Problem inspired by Piekara's Chair & the Uncountable Infinity of Mathematical Objects

Updated 13 OCT 2012 by Daniel Callahan

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Construction and Solution to an Inverse Problem Posed by Piekara's Chair: The article "'Piekara's Chair': Mechanical Model for Atomic Energy Levels" by Zofia Golab-Meyer presents a model of the real-world problem of determining classical energy states suitable for high school or undergraduate college students. This thesis combines this idea with simple geometry to demonstrate how "Piekara's Chair" may be posed and then solved as inverse problems in R2-space. [Master's Thesis in Applied Mathematics, Wichita State University]

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More Than Dreamt of in Our Philosophy (MTDO): Three philosophical axioms lead to the conclusion that there exist an uncountable set of mathematical objects that will never be known despite all efforts to the contrary. Published in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics, Vol. 35(3), 230 2006

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