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Updated 03 FEB 2018

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Amazing Roleplaying Games' 193Q invites its players and GM's to kick back with pop/soda/Coke and Doritos (or, if you're over 40, vegetables and tea) and enjoy your own homemade action-adventure film, with you as one of its stars.

193Q is an alternate universe where steampunk tech has been upgraded to diesel, world governments compete for Stones that grant wishes, an unwanted alien fleet "protects" the Earth, Atlantis has risen from the sea floor, and a hollow Earth slowly releases its secrets to the surface. What could possibly go wrong?

The current exchange rate between 2018 and 193Q US currency:
$1.00 2018 USD = $0.055 193Q USD.
$18.18 2018 USD = $1.00 193Q USD.

193Q uses a universal RPG system with modular settings, allowing you to switch from cyberpunk to fantasy to action-adventure or whatever you prefer without having to relearn the rules. It works with existing sourcebooks and mashups of books and films. The rules lean toward narration and aims to be rules light.

The current download of the game is Release 7a.



Release 7

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